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Taking Rusty To The Vet



At 10am, my mother called to remind me it was time to take Rusty, our orange tabby, to the vet for his yearly checkup and shots. The appointment was at 10:30am.

Ok, I needed the cat cage. But then I remembered, Mom sold it. Why? I don’t know. But I had to find a way to get Rusty to the vet, and he hated the car.

Whenever we took him in the car, he would hide under a seat and pant. This would not be a problem normally, but it was the middle of a hot summer.   And I had to keep my windows down or die of heat exhaustion. And my 1977 Honda Civic had no air conditioning. I didn’t want to take the chance Rusty would jump out as I drove. What to do?

So I decided someone needed to hold Rusty as we drove to and from the vet to keep him from jumping out the window. I called my good friend Rob who lived half a block away. Good news, he agreed to hold Rusty.

Rob came over, we got Rusty, and got in my Civic. I started the car, and Rusty started to squirm. But Rob held him tight. We were on our way.

It was a five minute drive to the veterinarian. Rusty squirmed and wiggled, trying to get away and out of the car. And then he peed on Rob.

Rob was not happy, but he held Rusty tight. And we got to the vet.

I took my orange cat into see the vet, and Rob sat in the waiting area covered in cat urine.

The vet visit went well. Soon, we were ready to leave. Rob suggested he drive home, and I hold Rusty. I agreed, and away we went.

Rusty squirmed and wiggled and tried to get away. I held him tight, sure he wouldn’t pee on me because his bladder was empty after peeing on Rob. I was wrong. I got soaked.

So we arrived back home and let Rusty out. We each went into our respective homes and showered.

I could tell Rob was angry. Who could blame him? Getting pissed on and having to sit in it, smelling until we were done at the vet, I’d be angry too. He proved what a good friend he was that day.

Mom bought a new cat carrier after she heard what happened. And Rusty never peed on anyone again.

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must- Read Christmas Book of 2015

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