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Food & Water For Your Feline (Part Three)

Scottie & Tanzy Enjoying Dinner!

Scottie & Tanzy Enjoying Dinner!

  1. What about water for my cat?

Always have clean, fresh water out for your feline. Keep the water dish away from the food dish as food particles can get into the water and result in germ growth. Separate the two dishes by at least a foot.   Wash both food and water dishes daily for health’s sake.

Also, whenever you leave your cat(s) alone in the house, leave the toilet seat up and the toilet flushed. You never know when you may be delayed coming home perhaps more than a day, and your cat(s) still need water. An open toilet can provide water in an emergency situation. Your puss may already drink from it anyway.


  1. Should I use a self-feeder to feed my cat?

I don’t advise it. I used to use a self-feeder but found my cats would eat too much and gain weight. When they had an unlimited amount supply of food, they over ate.

However, a self-feeder for water is a great idea so your furry friend would have access to clean water all day. Make sure the water dish is kept clean and out of direct sunlight or unwanted growths like algae will result.


Gotta Love Them Cats,


Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must-Read Christmas Story of 2015

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