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Ohh The Pain!

IMG_0078                            Scottie

Has your cat ever caused you physical pain?

With their teeth and claws, it is not unusual to get bit or swiped at even enough to draw blood. Tick off your feline, and you’re likely to get a paw loaded with claws.

I’m talking times you get scratched or bit for seemingly no reason. Take my Siamese, Sam. You could be doing the dishes or walking the hall when suddenly he’ll do a hit & run! A quick attack of the claws with a bite then he runs off! Which leads me to ask, what did I do?
Also, my Scottie, a large tabby, likes to bite my leg as I stand by the toilet after I get out of bed. I assume it is because he’s hungry and impatient. He’s the only cat I’ve ever had that did that.

And then there’s Tanzy, my Tortie-tabby with white, my feisty one. When I first got her as a “gift” from my daughter, she would swipe and bite easily, from unwanted petting to just walking by the bed as a slash of the claws from underneath the bed would find my foot.
But I’ve learned how to treat her and the feistiness has gone down. Plus I think she had to get to know me. Now I can pet and scratch her with only clawless attacks from under the bed or a playful grab when I get near her.

Still, a couple of times Tanzy inflicted pain without malice, I think.
First time I was sitting in my chair, and you know when cats jump up on some furniture, they’ll stick their claws in the soft cushioning and pull themselves up. Well, one time as I sat in my chair, she jumped up from behind and instead of sticking her claws in the chair, she stuck them in my head. Both sets of front claws and pulled herself up. Ouch! Thankfully, this only happened once.

Second, Tanzy came up to me as I was standing in the kitchen and for some reason decided to jump up on me and stick a claw into my left nipple. A sensitive area to be sure. Her nail hooked itself deep into my nipple where I had to try and pull it out. I attempted to do this as she hung there. This hurt both of us. So I lowered her and myself down to the floor where I was able to pull out the curved nail. Once again: Ouch! And my nipple still hurts.

All I can say, “You only hurt the one you love.”

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Feel-Good Christmas Story of 2015

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