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Food & Water For Your Feline (Part Two)

Scottie Enjoying Dinner

Scottie Enjoying Dinner

This series of four blog posts are presented in a Q & A format.

  1. What should I feed my new kitten?

Again dry food is the best choice. I advise feeding your little puss name brand dry kitten food. Read the kitten food label to determine how much you should him/her depending on age and weight.

  1. Should I feed my cat people food?

Nope! Never! With a few exceptions. Tuna, salmon or other fish treats from your meal – tuna juice, anyone? – as long as they were not canned in oil or fried are okay. Roast chicken or turkey treats are all right in small amounts. Do not let more than 10% of your cat’s diet be human food. Again, watch their weight and adjust their diet. I do not feed my cats people food – except for the occasional tuna water – as it can lead to health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and a deficiency in the unique amino acids cats need.


Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must-Read Christmas Story of 2015

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