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Food & Water For Your Feline (Part One)

Tanzy Enjoying Her Dinner

Tanzy Enjoying Her Dinner

This series of four blog posts are presented in a Q & A format.

1.  What should I feed my cat – wet or dry cat food?

Many cat experts recommend you feed dry food to your puss. Most name brands of dry cat food contain the right amount of nutrients your cat needs, and they like the taste. Also, the dry food helps reduce tartar and plaque on your cat’s teeth simply by them chewing their food.

I also recommend name brand cat food simply because my two cats prefer the taste. Cat Chow and Meow Mix go down a lot faster than store brands. While name brand cat food is more expensive, paying a little more for flavor for your feline is worth it. To help offset the cost buy in bulk, especially when it’s on sale.

With wet food, you are paying mostly for water as most brands of canned cat food are 70% water. And there is no reducing of plaque or tartar, which could mean expensive veterinary bills for dental appointments.

If you decide to feed your cat wet food, stick with name brands here as well.


  1. How much should I feed my cat?

It depends on your cat’s weight. Look on the cat food label for recommended amounts. I feed my two felines – both 11 or 12 pounds – ¼ cup of dry food twice a day. This works in keeping their weight under control – not too fat or too thin.

If your cat is getting too fat – a common problem these days – or too thin, then slowly increase or decrease their food intake until they are at a healthy weight. If your cat is still gaining or losing too much weight, take him/her to the vet. A serious health problem may be affecting your precious feline.


Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must-Read Christmas Tale of 2015


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