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Why Do Our Cats Stare At Us?


You’re sitting watching tv or maybe you’re reading or on your laptop when you realize one of your furry felines is staring at you and continues to do. Does this unnerve you?

When humans stare at each other, they usually do it for a reason. But why do cats stare at their owners?

I have one puss, Scottie, who likes to sit and stare at me from the floor as I sit in my chair. Sometimes he jumps up after a few moments of staring or he walks away. Here, I figure he stares at me trying to decide to leap up or leave. Couldn’t he have decided that before just sitting and staring? I guess not.

I have another feline, Tanzy, who jumps up on me, puts her paws on my belly, and stares me close in the face. Usually this happens at feeding time and, of course, she’s telling me to feed her. Other times, she’s sitting on me and staring looking for a little attention. So I pet and scratch her, and she purrs.

But, at times, your cat will sit across the room from you and stare at you, making you wonder what that cat wants. At this point, our felines are filled with emotion and love for us that they fill their field of vision with us. Just like we stare at someone we’re into. Our cats are into us. This, I like to believe.

So when your cat stares at you, stare back and enjoy the view of your beautiful feline.

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must-Read Christmas Cat Story of 2015


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