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Warning! Do Not Use Tidy Cat Lightweight Cat Litter!

Heed This Warning!

Heed This Warning!

The above warning appeared on Facebook. After some investigation, the post makes a valid point.

Some complaints about Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter include: breathing difficulties, excessive sneezing, coughing, bloody nose, bloody urine, and even death in cats. This is alarming!

Other complaints include: high amounts of dust when poured into the litter box or when a cat uses the litter and very sticky litter.

I will NOT use this litter. The advantage of it being lightweight is overshadowed by the problems cats and their owners are having.

Amazon.com has many one star reviews on their site regarding Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter explaining the many experiences people and their cats have had with this product. I suggest you read them before buying this litter. Here’s the link: Click Here

Now, Amazon does have some five star reviews about this product. Look at it this way: Like smoking in humans, not all will develop health problems, but many will. Your cat may not have  with this litter, but why chance it?

My advice – Stay Away from Tidy Cat Lightweight Cat Litter!

This product should be removed from store shelves. I suggest complaining to store managers where it is sold until it is gone for good. And you can also complain directly to Purina who makes Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter. To contact Purina Customer Service Click This Link

Keep your cats safe!

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

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