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The Real Capone, Star of “A Tuxedo Cat Christmas” (Part Three)

A Tuxedo Cat Christmas by Peter Scottsdale on Amazon

A Tuxedo Cat Christmas by Peter Scottsdale on Amazon

Part Three

On the way to her new home with Capone, Emma, Lexi and Nova, Crystal pulled over on the highway to rearrange her fallen belongings. But when she opened to back door, Capone fell out and ran into the tall grass along the road. She chased after him and caught him after a running a few yards. She was so relieved she got him because if she hadn’t she probably would have lost him for good.

So Crystal, Capone and the other animals arrived in Edmonton and moved into the new apartment. But something was wrong with Capone. He wouldn’t put any weight on his front left paw. Crystal found a veterinarian and took him in. After some x-rays, the vet discovered Capone had broken three toes when he fell out of the car. The vet put his paw in a splint and sent him home.

Upside Down Capone

Upside Down Capone

Capone hated that splint. He bit and ripped at until it came off. So it was off to the vet again who replaced the splint and put a cone around Capone’s neck. He wasn’t happy about that.

After some weeks, Capone was healed enough to take off the splint and cone, and Crystal paid over $500.00 in vet bills.

They settled nicely in Edmonton, and Crystal discovered Capone likes spinach. He also loves yogurt, so much so he comes running every time Crystal opens a yogurt container – even if he’s sleeping.

Capone Sleeping on Crystal

Capone Sleeping on Crystal

Now, Capone leads a happy and contented life. He plays with and grooms the two dogs and is always hungry. He loves lying on top of the refrigerator and is a lovey kitty. He’s quite the Capone.

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must-Read Christmas Story of 2015

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