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The Real Capone, Star of “A Tuxedo Cat Christmas” (Part Two)

A Tuxedo Cat Christmas by Peter Scottsdale on Amazon

A Tuxedo Cat Christmas by Peter Scottsdale on Amazon

Part Two

Fran fell in love with Capone, especially his milk moustache, even though she’s allergic to cats. But Capone would have to be locked in the basement or he would look for affection in the early morning hours. While in the basement one night, Capone ripped open a big bag of dry cat food without claws. He would also eat Grandpa Frank’s ice cream, and play for hours with my niece, Jadie.

Capone Licking Frank's Ice Cream

Capone Licking Frank’s Ice Cream

Crystal missed Capone – a lot! So she bought a mobile home where she could have as many pets as she liked. And soon Capone was reunited with his “Mom.” Crystal also added two dogs and a snake to her zoo.

Capone showed a great interest in the snake, Nova. He would sit by Nova’s aquarium and watch him for hours. Sometimes the snake would watch back.

Capone Watching Nova & Emma

Capone Watching Nova & Emma

At this time, Capone amazed Crystal by being able to climb trees without claws. And he would play with and attack the dogs, Emma and especially Lexi, the Chi-weenie – a cross between a Chihuahua and a Weiner Dog.

Capone Up a Tree

Capone Up a Tree

Then things changed again. Crystal wasn’t happy in Brooks anymore and decided she needed an education. So it was off to Edmonton.

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas, the Must Read Christmas Story of 2015!

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