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The Real Capone, Star of “A Tuxedo Cat Christmas” (Part One)

A Tuxedo Cat Christmas by Peter Scottsdale on Amazon

A Tuxedo Cat Christmas by Peter Scottsdale on Amazon

Part One

At nine months old, Capone was adopted from the local SPCA by my daughter, Crystal. Crystal had previously gone to the SPCA to adopt a new cat after her precious Tahlia died. She found a puss a lot like Tahlia named “Mouse,” but someone else adopted Mouse. So she found a Tuxedo Cat, Capone, and he soon found a way into her heart. Capone had been declawed and fixed, and soon Crystal took him home to her Medicine Hat apartment.

A Young Capone

A Young Capone

She found Capone was playful and affectionate. He liked to curl up in the bathroom sink and join her in the shower.

After a few months, Crystal and Capone moved into a house where she found Capone loved to lie in the cupboards. It was in this house that Capone first jumped from the floor into Crystal’s arms. A trick he does to this day.

This Is My Cupboard!   Get Your Own!

This Is My Cupboard!
Get Your Own!

More months later, Crystal and Capone were on the move again, this time in the opposite direction. Crystal found a job in small town Brooks, Alberta and a trailer to live in. But she couldn’t take Capone so he went to live with Crystal’s Grandma, Fran.

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

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