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For The Love Of Kitty Feet

Alley's Cute Kitty Feet!

Alley’s Cute Kitty Feet!

I love kitty feet! They’re soft and furry and cute. With 18 toes with 18 claws, kitty feet are a cross of love and danger. Love from touches – danger from scratches.

Playing with a kitten or adult, it’s funny and cute to watch those paws go to work trying to get that toy and succeeding with a grasp. Whether batting a catnip mouse around or a ball in a track, watching is sheer joy.

Scottie's Beautiful Paws!

Scottie’s Beautiful Paws!

Paws come in a myriad of colors from white to black and all the shades in between. Many a furry foot come in multitude of colors. Orange and yellow fur, brown and lighter brown, striped and solid. Beautiful feet.

Toes also come in many colors. Some kitties have different colored toes on the same foot. Some single toes have a mix of color. Many are all pink, others white and black, and more have various color combinations.

I love to touch and run my fingers over a feline paw. So soft. One of the softest parts of a cat. So much so, I kiss the top of my kitty’s feet where the softness is.

Some cats don’t seem to mind if I touch and kiss their feet. But others will pull their paws away. One of my felines will bite if I touch his feet.

Tanzy & Her Soft Toes!

Tanzy & Her Soft Toes!

I also like to take the toes and gently push out the hidden claws. Long, sharp daggers ready for an assault. Switchblade claws. Deadly and dangerous.

Kitty feet can startle. Just walking by a bed can trigger two soft paws reaching out from under the bed and grabbing your unsuspecting foot. And sometimes going past your feline lying on the floor you’re accosted by soft playfulness. Watch out!

Cats have many wonderful features with their paws being one of the best. So soft, so cute. I love kitty feet. And you should too!

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must-Read Christmas Story of 2015

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