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Cat Farts!

Alley - The Stinker In My House!

Alley – The Stinker In My House!

Have you ever been sitting with your furry feline friend and suddenly something stinks?

Phew! Well, your cat may have farted. Cats don’t make a farting sound like humans. Cats utilize the “silent but deadly” approach to passing wind. And they can smell up your whole area.

What to do if your cat farts?

Some people will get away from the stink as fast as humanly possible or push the puss away. Some will fan the fart away and some will get out the air freshener or maybe light a match. And some people will put up with the stench until it drifts away. If your feline farts a lot, try burning a scented candle – more than one if needed.

Can you stop your cat from farting?

Can you completely stop yourself from farting? Impossible, I tell you! So you can try changing the food you feed your feline. And see if that helps. If the gas passing is too frequent, a trip to the vet may be needed. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a smelly cat.

As a final resort, hold your breath. Good luck!

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must-Read Christmas Tale of 2015

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