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“Purrfect Arch” Review

"Purrfect Arch" on Wal-Mart Shelf

“Purrfect Arch” on Wal-Mart Shelf

I bought my two cats the “Purrfect Arch” from Wal-Mart a few months ago. It was priced right, and the commercials made it look good.

I brought it home and put it together easily. It consists of two parts – the arch and the base – and comes with a bag of catnip to entice your cat(s). To put it together just take the arch and put the studs into the holes provided in the base. Easy. Then put the catnip in the hole in the bottom of the base. (Note: shake the base upside down back and forth to spread the catnip around the base.) And you’re done.

Tanzy & The Purrfect Arch

Tanzy & The Purrfect Arch

But did my cats like it? Yep. They rubbed against the arch bristles. Tanzy loved to walk under the arch and feel the bristles across her back. Also, she would also lie on the base. Scottie loved to scratch the carpeted base.

Unfortunately, Tanzy broke it. She walked under the arch and, for some reason, jumped straight up, breaking the plastic that held the arch studs. I kept it until I bought a new one because Scottie loved to scratch the base. You can see below the damaged arch. The bristling sticking out of the base is from Scottie scratching it.

What's Left of the first Purrfect Arch!

What’s Left of the First Purrfect Arch!

On the box, it promises to cut down on shed fur in the house as your cat(s) will rub the bristles and their loose fur will stick to the bristles. This didn’t happen with my two cats as I have just as much shed fur in the house as before I bought it.

Scottie's Turn!

Scottie’s Turn!

So, why did I buy a replacement? Because my felines love it! They love to rub it and scratch it and lie on it. And I love them!

4 Stars out of 5 for the “Purrfect Arch!”

Gotta Love Them Cats,

Peter Scottsdale

Author of A Tuxedo Cat Christmas

The Must-Read Christmas Tale of 2015

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